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Roll for Relief - A collaboration of Vancouver

In Vancouver, British Columbia is not always known for our friendly nature but it is something that we would like to change. That is we are working with the other D&D organizations in our area to help weave tales of adventure. The last time that when Dungeons and Do-Gooders, Vancouver's D&D Collective and YVR Dungeon Masters joined together we were able to raise $2300 for a local Vancouver charity. Now we are reaching across Canada to connect our gaming communities.

We are able to do that this year because of all of our wonderful volunteer dungeon masters and the amazing sponsors. From our local sponsor from Vancouver Adventure Dice to our national sponsors Eldritch Foundry and Ice Cream Dice. These are titans of support that believe in the power of role playing games.

Come join the adventures on November 7th for the action and help us defend the search for knowledge.

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