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Our Roadmap for 2023

Hello fellow TTRPG Enthusiasts! The last few years have been quite the adventure and we’re all very grateful that you all decided to spend time with us here at YVR Dungeon Masters. With 2022 wrapping up soon, we wanted to give everyone a heads up on the roadmap we have planned for 2023, as well as invite all of y, our wonderful community, to help us determine what sorts of things you’d like to see happen.

The first big change is that we now have some wonderful new moderators for our Discord server! Please welcome Alex, Cheyanna, Ash, Marlo, and Julie to the team! They’ll be at the helm as we navigate the incoming changes in the server, namely overhauling our channels and helping make things more efficient and user friendly. You should start to see changes to Discord server starting around the new year. We’re excited to see how everyone feels about the new changes we have in the works.

Next we have plans for our schedule for 2023. In the past, we didn’t necessarily communicate our roadmap for the year since many things were up in the air (our schedules, the situation with the pandemic etc.). In order to be more transparent and also allow for community members to make plans ahead of time we have an outline of our events for this year. This is what we are 100% able to commit to at this time, but this doesn’t mean we won’t be hosting and running other fun community events as time allows us to.

  • Intro to D&D Nights (in person every other month):

Players new and old gather to experience some fun one shots.

  • DM Fireside Nights (on Discord opposite months from the Intro Nights):

DMs come together to discuss, ask questions and share experiences on a given topic.

  • YVRDM Workshops (at least once every 3 months):

We’re currently looking into potentially running workshops on these topics - Intro to DMing, How to Build an Encounter, 5e Combat Rules, How to be a great player, How to build a story. Please let us know what you’d like to see.

  • DM Jam Sessions (at least 2 but dates TBD):

DMs come together in small groups to workshop ideas, games, adventures, NPCs or whatever they need/want to work on. All DMs will have time to workshop their own projects.

  • The Forever DM (as we are able to find DMs to run these):

Games for those DMs who are always stuck running games and never playing them.

We are always looking for feedback, help, and suggestions. We have made a living document to keep track of all of you ideas. If you have a comment on what you want from an event, please leave a comment in that event. If you have an idea for a workshop, please leave a comment at the bottom of the document. When you make a comment please add as much detail as possible and your discord tag or email so if we have any questions we can contact you.

Again, we the directors of YVRDMs want to send you all a big thank you for being a part of this great community, and wish you all the best for this upcoming holiday season.

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