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This Week on YVRDM's Discord Server.

Tonight is our DM Fireside at 7pm! This is a chill audio chat where you can drop in to chat with the community. Every two weeks we have a different topic that we like to try to focus the meetings on. This week we will be discussing "Getting Youths into Games". All you will need is a Dungeon Master role and if you don't have one it is because we haven't heard from you in the introduce-yourself channel. So pop in and say hello to us new friend!

Tomorrow is our GM Only game! Where you get to meet other GMs while playing a TTRPG together. You will need to fill out this form ( and you will get the Cursed Removed role. Then head over to our curse-of-the-forever-gm and cfgm-sign-up channel to play "Carbon 2185 - A Cyberpunk 5e game" tomorrow from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

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