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Game Masters Wanted

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

If you have tried to find a game then you might have found a common problem with tabletop RPGs. There are a lot of people that want to play but not a lot of games for people to play in. This is not a new problem in the community but it is one that is getting worse overtime with the rise in popularity in pop culture. It is an issue that YVRDM has taken quite a bit of time and energy to figure out the best solution to end the aforementioned problem.

The solution we have decided to move forward with is to increase the number of game masters. The first step is the same thing that we have always done is to make more people aware of the community in their area. By going to the public and letting them know the power of tabletop gaming. Our next step is to encourage new players to become GMs and run games. With our Game Master Workshops we will give them the basic skills and toolsets to increase confidence and familiarity with game storytelling. When they feel ready and comfortable we will provide a space for them to play in, to practice what they have learned with new players.

We believe that this will help our community, and if it does, this is something that we will continue to refine. Then we will be able to bring it to other communities outside our area. With help from volunteers we can really make a difference and spread the community to the ends of the earth.

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