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January's Dungeon Master of the Month

Hello Masters of the Realms,

The Dungeon Master of the Month is an artist that you have most likely seen some of his art floating around the internet. His name is Andrew Cawood, a avid D&D player for over 30 years, and creator of Cawood publishing. Some of the works that they have produced are the Monsters of the Feywild Monsters of the Underworld, the World of Myrr, and the always funny R.P.Generations comics. We were interested, when we sat down with him about what his inspiration was for his 5e monster books and this is what he had to say:

“My inspiration comes from everywhere; nature, mythology, politics, everyday life. I design the creatures and then give the artist Travis a description. He has a lot of freedom to add his own ideas as well.”

He came from humble beginnings like many of us that have got into this great past-time. This is his origin story of what got him into the game:

“I started playing D&D around 1979 with some friends from school. We'd play for a couple hours and then take breaks to play football outside. We'd play all day on the weekends.”

Cawood Publishing is a local company that is trying to give the practical and inspiring products. He is active in our community and we wanted to know what he would like to see from the community in the future:

“I'd like to see the Vancouver community come together more. There are lots of people doing great work but few even know each other. As far as the overall game I wish there was more of a focus on making a version of the game appropriate for children. I hope the game moves away from such a heavy focus on horror.”

YVR Dungeon Masters is all about helping those that want to help grow our community and Andrew Cawood is one of our allies in this effort. He has a Kickstarter campaign for his newest book coming out called Monsters of the City. He also is a dungeon master for a local D&D podcast called West of the Woods.

From YVR Dungeon Masters we would like to say thank you to Andrew Cawood.

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