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 YVR Dungeon Masters

Bringing gamemasters and players together.

YVR Dungeon Masters Society is a British Columbia based nonprofit that  teaches everyone and anyone the magic and creativity of collaborative storytelling,  while supporting the community of wonderful story tellers here on the west coast of Canada.  We work towards building a connected and collaborative community of those who share a passion for the oldest form of group entertainment.


Our Story

Why do we exist?

 It is simple really. Looking around the landscape of life's problems we are facing with the fast pace development of technology and rapidly changing social structure. It is easier than ever to lose track of relationships and a real human connection. Joseph Cambell warned years ago of how Myth was of extreme importance in society and here we are with more depression, less connection, and electronics making most of our important life decisions. Tabletop gaming has the solutions by getting people together, sparking creativity, and enabling anyone to create your own myths and stories together. Studies have shown the bond created in conflict real or imaginary allow us to build stronger relationships which lead to healthier lives.


We want others to understand this feeling, to gather together around a table, immerse themselves into a story of their own making and be heroes to themselves. Away from mundane lives and our perceived mediocre existences.


So in 2018 Vacouver, British Columbia, the founders of YVR Dungeon Masters, Montana Rosalle and Lawren Nemeth, with a love for D&D and a passion to get more people involved. It started small with a few people in a park discussing how to stitch the Vancouver gaming community together. The main thing that the meetings told us is that there is a large need to play and just need more opportunities. By bringing dungeon masters together we have a wealth of resources to be able to provide any group or individual a specific catered gaming experience. By running successful learn to play events and engaging different communities to not only give space to old players but creating a space for people new to tabletop gaming to learn. The intention here is to really push the boundaries, stop the stigma around gaming and teach others how to have fun with imagination and real people. How to accept and understand the challenges of others. There are few places in the world where you can truly be equal with everyone and cast no judgement. Around the table is one of them.


That being said, the main reason why we love gaming isn't all the great benefits us. Simply it is because it is fun to play and have fun with friends and family. We want everyone to feel the same passion, joy and fun that we do every time we sit down and roll some dice. If you want that then YVR Dungeon Masters is for you.

"The essence of role-playing is group cooperative experience"

- Gary Gygax

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